Live Below the Line Shopping List

My Live Below the Line Challenge starts today, so I thought I’d start off the week by sharing my food purchases with you. I had to be pretty careful with my shop because I’m still recovering from my tooth implant and I need to make sure I get enough goodness to help with my recovery. My dentist said that I shouldn’t really be doing it so soon, but I guess not everyone has that option when they are living below the line – I’ll see how I get on anyway.

I did most of my shopping in ASDA and didn’t bother with breakfast cereal and milk because I generally don’t like to open my eyes in the morning, let alone eat! I do have a few breakfasts planned during the week which is where the fruit, eggs and sausages will come in handy.  Meat is very much a luxury item, but as they were 84p and there were 12 of them, I thought the sausages would be a good option as they always fill me up. I checked the back of the packet and the ASDA sausages have the same amount of pork as the Richmond sausages we usually eat so that made me feel a little better.

I chose to spend more on my eggs so I could purchase free range – Another luxury, but I couldn’t bring myself to eat barn eggs. It would be pretty easy for me to do this week on a loaf of bread, potatoes, beans and eggs, but, alas I’m not allowed the wheat and potatoes, and that would obviously make my life too easy!
I’ll give you an update midweek and let you know what I’ve done with all of the ingredients. Of course,  Alex is highly excited that he gets to chose what he eats for the whole week without me, and he probably has many luxury meals planned!

Wish me luck…

Live Below The Line Shopping List

Tinned sweetcorn – 32p
Baked beans – 25p
6 free range eggs – £1
2 bananas – 21p
Long grain rice – 40p
12 Sausages – 84p
2 Onions – 21p
2 Apples – 34p
Carrots 2kg – 92p I’ll be sharing with Alex and using  – 37p worth
2 tins kidney beans – 42p
Stock cubes (not in pic) – 15p
rice noodles – 31p

= £4.85 – Leaving 18p for salt, herbs and a clove of garlic from the stock cupboard.

TOTAL: £5 for 5 days.

If you’d like to sponsor me, or to read more about Live Below the Line, then head to my page HERE. Every penny counts and if you yourself are living on low funds then I’d be more than happy with just a couple of words of support to get me through!

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3 Responses

  1. Laurie April 29, 2013 / 10:09 am

    Good on you for doing this, very inspiring! :)

    Good luck! x

  2. Alice April 29, 2013 / 8:07 pm

    This is brilliant. I would love to do this, but wasn’t organised enough this year- I definitely next year though. So much luck to you!! xx

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