Live Below the Line Challenge. The End.

So, I managed to get through the whole week and as tough as it was, I didn’t give up! The second half of my Live Below the Line Challenge was quite a mission –  I wasn’t based in one place and I forgot quite a few of my ingredients when I stayed over at my Nan’s house on Thursday night. This meant I had to use her only remaining stock cube (that went off in 2011) and I was minus the god awful sausages that I didn’t want anyway, but needed to eat to fill me up. We were driving during meal times so it meant I was eating pretty late and therefore ended up cooking a bowl of rice for dinner one night because I was just too tired to prepare anything else. I like rice, but not that much!

On Thursday and Friday, I was suffering with a pretty heavy headache that just wouldn’t go away and I had extremely low energy levels. I was sick of my meal planning and really disliked everything I ate, so consequently gave up trying and ended up consuming only half of my recommended calorie intake. Not good! I consumed plenty of water and I’m certain my headache was due to the lack of nutrients in my diet. I pretty much gave up and just ate to give myself the energy to move – Not at all what I was meant to be doing, but I did keep under budget at least… I think If I’d had a couple of pounds more, then it would have been a much easier week!

The Live Below the Line Challenge has made me think a lot more about how much food I waste in general and how I really need to plan my shopping a bit more so I’m throwing away less.  It made me think a lot about how boring and bland food is without the luxury of herbs and spices, and most of all it made me think about those people that have such low budgets to live on. Food plays a very important part in my life and I really love it, but to so many people it is a great luxury. I took up this challenge to raise awareness for them and I hope it has helped in some small way.

Here’s what I ate over day three, four and five..

Day three:
Breakfast: Banana
Lunch: Carrot, cumin and kidney bean soup
Dinner: Rice, 2 x sausages, roasted carrot

Rice, sausages & carrot

Total Cost: 59p

Day four:
Breakfast: 1Egg and ½ tin beans.
Lunch: Rice and kidney beans burgers – These were not nice!
Dinner: Bowl of rice!

Total Cost: 65p

Live Below the Line Challange. The End.
Day Five
Lunch: Kidney bean, rice, onion, cumin and carrot soup.
Dinner: Egg fried rice with kidney beans

Total cost: 46p


Thanks so much to everyone that sponsored me. I really appreciate it. My sponsor page will remain HERE for some time if you haven’t yet had the time ;)

Read about the first few days of my challenge HERE.


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  1. Alice May 7, 2013 / 7:33 pm

    Oh my goodness Zoe, you did SO well! I could not have coped, I would have been awful to be around all week. It does make me think about how fortunate I am not to HAVE to live like this though… xx

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