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Yesterday I asked Twitter if Leon restaurants were a nice place to eat at. Twitter said yes. So, off I went.

We haven’t eaten out for a while, in fact, we haven’t been doing very much at all. As much as I love freelance work, there are often times when I’m waiting for payments and am practically living off fresh air… This has pretty much been the case over the past few months.

Leon has eight establishments in London, as well as restaurants in Bluewater and Brent Cross shopping centers. I’m a massive fan of Bluewater, so we opted to head there. After some light shopping, we had our first taste of some naturally full flavoured and seasonal fast food. Twitter was right. It was delicious!

The fantastic service, the decor and the music make this place an exceptionally smart choice to eat. We sampled a fair bit of everything from the menu (or least it felt like we did). The meatballs came pretty highly recommended, but it was the sweet potato falafel that seriously got my taste buds going – I’d go back from them alone. YUM!

The only one gripe I had was that the potato waffle (type things) that we ordered seem to lack any bite. It was as if they had been sitting on the site for some time and had gone a bit soggy. It didn’t matter too much, as I’m not actually meant to eat normal potatoes (allergies) and I didn’t need them on top of everything else we had ordered.

We’ll certainly be going back for more. It was made even more special as we managed to save some pennies by registering on their website HERE.

Thanks twitter friends. A great recommendation.

Leon Restaurants


Leon Bluewater


Leon Brownie



Have you eaten anywhere fantastic in London lately? Do share.

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