Jewellery By Emsie Designs

I’ve never actually been that big on wearing jewellery, but a lovely bracelet is always something I’ll keep my eyes peeled for. It’s not often that I purchase one, but when my facebook friend Emsie Designs posted up some of her new jewellery images before Christmas, I decided to treat myself as well as my sister.

If you like zips then you will love Emsie Designs! Much of Ems’ work was inspired by a small brooch, made entirely of old zips that she saw in Brick Lane Market – Luckily for us, her own zip design ideas grew from there. Each piece is made by Ems herself, no one piece is the same, and they are usually made from recycled items.

I’m really happy that I didn’t (once again) purchase one of the million bracelets that were on a Topshop rack… I also love the fact that you can actually give Ems your own idea of what you’d like and she’ll give it a go, for a price that’s not going to hugely dent your bank balance.

Unfortunately, it looks like Ems is away on holiday right now and that she’s due a website update, but why not take a look through her work on her Facebook page.  You can  always  get in touch when she returns, if you’d like any more info and prices. As well as bracelets, Ems also designs necklaces and other little pieces of jewellery. Take a look at a few of them below…

Jewellery By Emsie Designs

This is the bracelet I purchased for myself (£20)

Emsie Designs


Emsie Designs

Emsie Designs Necklace

Ems Designs Jewellery

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  1. steph January 15, 2013 / 4:37 pm

    I’m not super into jewelry myself but these look fantastic (very cool that she integrates recycled materials as well)!

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