Jessica’s Recipe Bag (With a Little Bit of Hello Fresh)

Ever since I first posted about Hello Fresh, I’ve become hugely reliant on them delivering our food and providing a weekly menu of delicious dishes. However, one week our food did not make it because it was damaged during transit. We hadn’t done any shopping and were left a bit stranded as I only found out at 8pm on the day. After contacting Hello Fresh they didn’t offer to send a replacement box the next day, but simply said that we could have £15 off our next box. After a bit of haggling, I managed to get a free box, but alas when that one came they still charged me £15 delivery! I know it’s only food and I could have gone shopping the next day, but it’s quite a big mistake to leave a customer without five days worth of food when they sign up for weekly deliveries – Maybe they should have a few spare boxes in the van, but if wastage is a concern, then I certainly think they should have gone out of their way to deliver a box the next day. Anyway, I was just a bit miffed with them for a while because I was particularly busy that week, so started to look for another company offering the same kind of food delivery service – Basically meals that you cook with all the exact ingredients and recipe sheets delivered to your door.

One of the companies I came across was Jessica’s Recipe Bag, and I’ve been trialing it bi-weekly for 6 weeks now. This one comes in at a slightly higher price than Hello Fresh and don’t do a five day couple bag, but we’ve come to the conclusion that we prefer the meals. I can’t quite put my finger on what it is, but they seem tastier, fresher and healthier.  Jessica’s recipe ingredients are delivered in a bag (hence the name!), rather than a box (like Hello Fresh) and the bag is delivered on a Monday. The bags are much easier to recycle than the boxes, which just adds another bit of ease to my day! I’ve never once had missing food items from them, and everything has been of exceptional quality. The portions can sometimes verge on the smaller side and I’d love for them to be a bit more generous – Mainly for the man of the house, of course.

Jessica’s Recipe Bag measures out the ingredients to the exact amount, so it truly does make cooking super-quick. The recipes are uncomplicated to make and directions come printed in a little booklet. You do have to have certain stock items in your house such as stock cubes, dried herbs and spices, and this is something Hello Fresh actually provide –  I prefer having my own though as there is much less packaging involved. You are usually emailed a list of the items that you need the week before delivery and they actually have a list of everything that you need for a good stock cupboard on their site.

Due to budgeting reasons, we have decided to go with Jessica’s 3 day bag every other week and Hello Fresh five day box on the other. We like them both, but Jessica just about takes the taste lead (so far). I was particularly happy with my Christmas bag this week, which included lots of lovely free goodies. You know how I’m a sucker for a freebie or two!

Naughty Fat Cat…Jessica's Recipe Bag

Christmas treats from Jessica…

Jessica's Recipe Bag Lunch box


Some of the delicious dishes we have made from Jessica’s Recipe Bag…

meal bag




Home Food Delivery

You can order your first three day couple bag on the site HERE and get a reduction. Just £29 – Usual price £42
If you have a family bag they also have a special offer on those too – 4 meals for 4 people – £45 – Usual price £69

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