Jason Vale 3 Day Juice Detox – Day 2

If I had thought about this properly, I probably wouldn’t have started  the Jason Vale 3 day juice detox on a Friday. However, our juicer didn’t arrive until Thursday afternoon and I didn’t want to keep putting things off. Things have also been made more difficult due to the fact that I had to work a night shift at a Techno event last night – My eating hours are all over the place. Work this evening was cancelled. I have a feeling that I may find things more difficult whilst at home with some glorious (naughty) food sitting right there in the cupboard. Let’s see shall we?


4.30am: Ah, finally bed time. I take another few bites of my sandwich. Feel guilty. I usually wake up too early if my stomach is grumbling at me and I really want a decent nights sleep. It was only two mouthfuls… Nobody needs to know!

8.30am: It appears Alex has rejoined me on the detox. I think he’s determined to get through it today and am rudely awoken by his  breakfast, H20 and lunch blending. He hits the studio. I go back to sleep.

11.30am: Time to get up. I head straight for the kitchen and drink warm water, minus the lemon. Blend my Super Detox Smoothie. It’s not bad at all. Takes me a while to drink… I’m just not digging this eating as soon as you wake up. I read that the blueberries contain anti-oxidants and anti-ageing phytonutrients, which help destroy the free radicals that age the skin. I actually knew that already, but… SOLD!

Super Detox Smoothie Ingredients:

1/2 small pineapple
1 handful of blackberries
1 handful blueberries
200g low fat yoghurt.
Ice cubes

2.30pm:  Call from Alex. He’s struggling – I’m not a support center you know… I need to get through this myself! He’s a snacker and is surely just missing his biscuits. He keeps telling me that he doesn’t need to lose and weight, which is true, but I keep telling him this is a detox, and I’m doing it for the cleanse. If I lose weight I’ll be happy, but I don’t have any scales so I shall never know.

3pm: Make H20 (as seen on day one). I’d much rather drink water than this stuff, but rules are rules.

4pm: Make Dreamy Detox for lunch. I’m running on funny eating hours today, due to the late night. Less time awake equals less time thinking about eating solids, I guess. The Dreamy Detox is not one of my favourites. I leave out the celery and take to using a straw to drink with. I think the ginger is a bit much for me. Note to self – Add less ginger.

4.25pm: I’ve changed my mind about that drink. It grew on me.  I’ll give it a B+

Dreamy Detox

2 apples
1 slice lemon
1 inch slice cucumber
1 stick celery
1 inch piece fresh ginger

5pm: Struggling to get through this H20 drink. I don’t normally drink enough water, so battle on through. Bravo!

7pm: Alex returns in what can only be classed as a foul mood. He’s hungry. I tell him to eat a banana. I want one, but I want to look better than him! #Jealous

7.30pm: Dinner time. Get excited for a second before remembering it’s just a juice. Time to have another Beyond Detox. Christ this is hard! I just really fancy chewing on something. Alex feels slightly better after his juice and perks up a bit. I have to say this juice is the most filling. It needs to be blended well  or you end up having to use your teeth to sieve out the small chunks of avocado. Yuk!

Beyond Detox Ingredients:
3 apples
1 large handful of spinach
1 inch raw beetroot
1 inch slice cucumber
1/2 ripe avocado

An oh so, happy Alex!

8.10pm: Still trying to get though this drink. Watching a movie and would normally snack… Must. Not. Eat.

9pm: Alex is hungry again. I cook him up a Salmon fillet. I really don’t think this detox is easy for men, or people with larger appetites. I take a mouthful, but can’t actually stomach it. Huh?!

11.40pm: Go to bed. Stomach grumbling at me.



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3 Responses

  1. Sallytangle May 20, 2012 / 4:23 pm

    You have amazing will power! Its maybe as you haven’t eaten solids properly for a little bit that your body stops wanting them. I gave up caffeine last year after a really dizzy spell after too much coffee one day and to start with i really really missed it. It did help that the Mr got on board too tho. But then i stopped wanting it full stop. I actually had a coffee not so long ago, and left it, didn’t enjoy it at all.

    Funny how our bodies work!!!


    • seebyzoe May 20, 2012 / 5:25 pm

      Well let’s just see how long this will power sticks with me! Thanks for all the lovely comments ;)

  2. Megan Broutian May 21, 2012 / 6:50 am

    OMG, you made it through the second day!!! I am very impressed!

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