It’s the Chemo Countdown

The countdown is on people; the countdown is on! It’s only nine days to go until my last chemotherapy treatment and I couldn’t be happier. It’s not often you see me excited about something, but let me tell you… I’m really effing EXCITED!

Oddly, it’s not the chemo ending that I’m looking forward to the most. It’s the hospital visits and the constant hanging around in the waiting rooms that have got me down for so long. I’m one step closer to having a little more freedom to live my life my own way again and the great news is that my body has responded really well to the treatment. This naughty tumour has shrunk to practically nothing. Hurrah!

Don’t get me wrong, there is still a lot more for me to get through. Up next after the final chemo, is my lumpectomy operation. I’ve been told that they will be injecting me with a blue dye and I’ll look a little Avatar-esque for a while. Alex is on strict instructions to get that photo of me even if I’m sleeping and high on meds, just so I can share it with you all. I mean, it’s not often you can capture that selfie! I’m also told that I’m going to have a wire (marker) hanging out of my boob for 24 hours beforehand. I might spare you that image. Gawd… the things I’ve had to go through!

From there, if all goes well and the cancer hasn’t spread to my lymph nodes, I think they will leave me alone for 6-8 weeks to allow my body to recover before moving on to radiotherapy. This is going to be pretty tough for me as it requires daily trips to St. Thomas’ Hospital, for four-and-a-half weeks. It apparently really zaps your energy and I’m pretty tired at the best of times. My main concern is that I need to be able to continue working throughout, but it’s for this very reason that Alex kindly sold my computer and invested in a smaller and lighter version. Now I can work on the move without moaning about carrying a bag of bricks. It’ll be alright, I’m sure.

After the radiotherapy, I’ll be given tablets to take for two years. I have no idea what that’s all about, but we’ll learn more about it when we get to it, shall we class?! It’ll also take some time for my body and brain to get back to it’s usual working order from there, but who cares… the main thing here is that I’ve (just about) beaten this sucker and hopefully it will never return.

Aside from my last chemo session, I’ll also be having my PICC line removed on the same day. You don’t know quite how much I’ve missed taking baths, especially with all these aching muscles and bones! Roll on September 11th…

Anyway, just thought I’d check in to tell you that I’m full of joy that chemo is coming to an end.

Until next time – Go check yourself x

I know I’m not leaving the planet in a spaceship or anything, but this is my song choice for today’s post ;)

Game changer…

Shiny New Macbook

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5 Responses

  1. Brenda September 2, 2015 / 9:33 pm

    I just love your video choice…. Brilliant. Keep in there. you are a winner. like the new laptop. I’d like one like that !!!!!!
    Brenda recently posted…Getting ready for the Exhibition at Brixton EastMy Profile

  2. Charlie September 2, 2015 / 10:05 pm

    Yay! Congratulations on being an inspiration and getting through this like a total boss.
    Charlie recently posted…[Fashion] What to Wear to a Summer WeddingMy Profile

  3. Sarah may September 3, 2015 / 2:11 am

    So absolutely rad!!! xx
    You are so strong! Such an inspiration x
    Bring on Sept 11th! Woop!!
    Love ya new computer x
    Loves xx

    • seebyzoe September 7, 2015 / 11:24 am

      Thanks for all of the support Sarah! Couldn’t have done it without everyone’s kind words ;) xx

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