High Street and Designer Handbags to lust over

Handbags are not usually my thing and there are two reasons for this. 1) I can’t afford the bags I’m generally drawn to, so I tend not to look, and 2) I don’t really leave the house enough to warrant having more than a few (or maybe a few more than a few) of them. Don’t get me wrong, I could certainly write a blog post covering my collection, but I still wouldn’t say that they’ve been something that my bank balance should fear. Recently however,  I have found myself lusting after more than my usual share. This is bad… Very bad indeed.

Whilst browsing online over the past week or so, a few high street and designer bags have caught my eye. I probably won’t be buying any of them, but a girl can dream, can’t she? How nice are the Mimi Berry bags?!… and that Cara Delevingne bag is something else. How much?! *sobs*

Did I mention that this is bad?

High Street and Designer Handbag lusts

One… LOEWE – Puzzle small leather bag – Style it up with jeans and a leather jacket.

Two… Mulberry – Cara Delevingne BagNever gonna happen… *More sobbing*

Three… All Saints – Pearl Mini Hobo Bag“Minimalist and chic”

Four… Mimi – Eric – I’ll take one in every colour.

Five…  Banana Republic –  Italian Vachetta Bucket Bag – Caught my eye, but then I saw the reviews….


How many handbags have you got in your collection?

Until next time x

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