Harrods Urban Retreat Wig Boudoir

Last Monday, Alex and I accidentally (on purpose) found ourselves sitting up on the fifth floor of Harrods, in their Urban Retreat department, waiting for my appointment in the Vicki Ullah Wig Boudoir. Yup, Harrods. I had intended to do a quick internet haul and try on various wigs at home, but after a little search online I came across the boudoir and decided on a little luxury. I’m actually more of a Selfridges kinda gal, but it was a swiftly made decision that we just went with, whilst we had the time.

It’s highly likely that I’ll lose my hair during chemo and it could be two or three weeks after the first session, this week. Everyone is different,  but I just wanted to be prepared and get myself mentally ready for the loss. I’m also not 100% sure how I’ll feel about going for fittings when my hair is on its way out, so it was best for me to just get it out-of-the-way. Tick that one-off my list and all that!

Having dwelled on it for a week, I’ve decided that I wasn’t really happy with the whole experience at the Wig Boudoir. Firstly, the area I was seated in wasn’t exactly as plush as the rest of the Urban Retreat Department – It was nice to be a little hidden away, but the small boxed off area that I was seated in was a dark, gloomy and pretty tiny space. Noting at all like the area we had walked through  or what I would have expected from Harrods, when comparing it to the rest of the store. I’m not sure if they were  renovating, but that’s definitely the vibe I was getting.

I was told that there were only two wigs that would really match my style – a mid-length bob. Hmm, I have to say there surely should have been something else that was a little closer to the style, being quite a standard cut, but the wigs I was shown weren’t exactly good matches. They were placed on top of a nylon hair cap and not really adjusted, to make then look as though they could be carried off as a replacement for my hair. Just sort of plonked on and jiggled about a bit.

The hair cap was a bit of a tricky moment for me. Aside from the fact that it was the first time I’d seen myself with all of my hair hidden, I was also struggling to be in the environment I was sitting in. It seemed that my stylist was being questioned by a lady who wanted her attention, and was just hovering around my little booth. I shook it off quickly though – it’s just hair after all and it will all come back, and I know it’s not easy to stop little ole ladies on a mission!

Moving on from the mono-fibre wigs, I was swiftly shown a much more expensive, long real hair wig. Things were looking up… Despite still not being styled, it looked a hundred times better than the others and a lot more like my own hair. I was asked if I wanted to walk out of my private area and check it out in ‘another light’ (because the space I was in was too gloomy obviously!), but I was far too upset and embarrassed to be seen with the wig on my head as it was. Luckily I had the vision to see that once cut and styled (for a fee of £55), that it would be a pretty good substitute for my real hair. Unfortunately, the hairdresser that specialised in wig styling was not in on that day, which I probably should have been told in advance, as I’ll have to return another time. Ah, well, nothing I can do about it now.

Anyway, Alex and I decided that we should spend the extra money and I left with the real hair wig and a goody bag, which included a Nuture card offering me a complimentary facial and makeover.  I also left  with a great sigh of relief to be moving on from that awkward situation!

So there you have it. I guess I’d just presumed that I would be taken into a room with a display of all the different wig styles on offer, or be given a lot more choice before having the more expensive option thrust upon me. If you take a look on Harrods’ Site, that’s the impression you are given in my opinion. I could have asked to see more options (and I’m kicking myself for not being more persistent) BUT, I do think I’m going to be pretty happy with my purchase, once it has been styled at Harrods (or somewhere else) and that’s really what counts here isn’t it?


My goody bag… with a leave in conditioner (which I found amusing, for obvious reasons)

Harrods Urban Retreat Wig Boudoir

 The final purchase… As modelled by Alex, because you won’t see my in it until it has been styled!

Harrods Wig Boudoir




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  1. Brenda April 13, 2015 / 10:57 am

    I do hope that Harrods read your comments. How disappointing that you did not have the experience you hoped for. I am sure it will look great. Stick in there lots of love xxx

  2. steff May 1, 2015 / 5:27 pm

    My Mum is a therapeutic radiographer (its a silly name because it’s hardly therapeutic what she does. She does the radiotherapy side of cancer treatment) anyhoo to try and make the hair loss side a bit easier she sometimes does bets with the patients. Apparently it’s quite common for your hair to grow back completely differently so she does bets on how the hair will grow back! One patient had long thin dead straight hair before then it grew back really thick and curly! Makes it abit more exciting :-) :-) I’ve been following you on instagram for a while but have never actually read your blog until now (woops!) But I’m glad I’ve started! I love how open you are about everything, I can see it helping so many people aswell as yourself :-) xx

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