Fruit Infusing Water Bottles

I’m much better at drinking water than I ever used to be, but when the summer months hit us, I often find myself craving a sweet drink or two. Last week, I set out to settle those cravings by simply purchasing one of these fruit infusing water bottles from a seller on ebay. No fizzy drinks or sugar laden juices required – Just simple and refreshing infused water.

The fruit infusing water bottles may seem a bit gimmicky to some of you, but this is one way I’ll be able to get myself on track and keep myself drinking the good stuff throughout the day. Yes, I could just stick some fruit in a glass and be done, but that wouldn’t be as fun now, would it? I’m not really one for a face full of fruit either! Nope, not a good look. Moreover, this bottle is also very happy to come with me wherever I go. Fabulous!

So far, I’ve only tested it out with some strawberries and that initially tasted pretty good. Just a small hint of flavour and nothing too over the top, but definitely a nice change to the usual glass of water – However, after a while the strawberries got a little soggy and they lost their lovely fruity smell and that is all I could think about when sipping. I think I’ll skip using those again and just opt to mix up different fruits such as limes and orange. I may even go all out and add a sprig of rosemary to that… Look at me getting all fancy!

My options are endless. Cucumber, lemon and mint sounds pretty good and so does raspberry with lime or pineapple and mango. Endless mixing options, but I’m probably going to have to watch out for those soggy ones. Ah, what fun I’m going to have. There’s bound to be a flavour for you, and I really don’t mind if you put it in a jug or glass instead of purchasing yourself one of the fruit infusing water bottles. I have a feeling you can probably pick these up cheaply in a pound shop somewhere, but don’t quote me on that…

Fruit Infusing Water Bottles

Fruit Infusing Flavours

Infusing Water Bottles


Water Bottle

Fruit Infusing Water Bottle

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