15 brilliant places in London – Epping Forest

In an attempt to get out and about more often, I have decided I’m going to work my way through the Time Out London list of ‘15 brilliant places in London you probably didn’t know existed’. Number one on my hit-list being Epping Forest. Alex just loves it when I come up with these ideas (he doesn’t).

When the article popped up in my Facebook feed on Sunday morning, I got dressed and asked my chauffeur to pack his day bag (snacks), along with the little dog, into the car and off we went. The novelty of a short road trip soon wore off when we hit the good old London traffic, which extended the journey by about fifty minutes. Don’t worry; we managed to battle on through, and when we arrived it was time to de-stress and take in the countryside vibes. Er, well, that was when we managed to find the track away from the surrounding roads which were heaving with tons of Sunday day trippers and motorbike squads.

Two hours on, after Betsy the Chihuahua had finished shouting at all of the horses and any other dog that passed us by – I think I had managed to decompress just a little ready to return home. Alas, we didn’t see any of the peacocks, snakes or hundreds of species of flowers that Time Out promised. I presume we saw ancient oak trees… We saw trees anyway.

Sometimes I guess it pays to do a little planning. I’ll make sure we do that for our next brilliant ‘London’ adventure.

Epping forest you were lovely, but so is the park at the bottom of my road… and that has trees too.

I’ll probably give you another chance though ;)

Epping Forest


Betsy The Chihuahua

Epping Forest Day Trip

Got a bit tangled… Besty clearly wasn’t fussed.

Dog lead tangled in tree

Hanging around for the perfect Instagram shot…

Epping forest walk

He went with this one...

Day Trip to Epping

I went with this one

Epping Forest Day out


Until next time x


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  1. Mum May 26, 2016 / 8:43 pm

    Looks a lovely day.
    I can recommend the Bluebell woods near Cudham. Thee is an excellent 15 k walk – I know because I did it for St Christopher’s Hospice xx

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