Way back in July, I read a blog post about this DSLR bag and it took me until just the other week to finally purchase one. We’ve spent quite some time throwing our camera all over the place, to avoid using the rather ugly case we had before, and I’ve always worried about the damage that it might cause. I’m an extremely happy girl now that I have this new bag and luckily for you, I’m sharing my bag joy with you all!

There isn’t really much more for me to say on top of  this wonderful post by Gemsmaquillage – I would normally go into more detail, but I’m in a mad rush to finish work as well as clean my house and pack everything for my Christmas trip to Northern Ireland, so I thought I’d just leave you with a picture, the price and my blessing to go and buy one for yourself!

I purchased the ‘brown’ bag, which has quite an orangey/yellow tinge to it (which I love), but Alex has stated that he is not a happy man, so I’ve had to order a black one for his Nibs! Delivery was very fast considering it came from Hong Kong and the price was a snip (£19.13 all in), compared to all the other DSLR bags that have taken my fancy. It says leather, but it’s not really – This one has a more suede effect. I’ll let you know about the black one when it arrives.



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