Day Four In New York

The weather has been amazing today and the pavements (sidewalks) have just bursting at the seams with crowds of people. We started this morning off by strolling around the streets surrounding the Empire State Building and at one point we happened across a rather curious street carnival, of which the best of the bunch were the NYPD band.





It seems that like London, New York also has it’s weekend station closures, so we ended up walking further than I’d have liked (moan, moan) to get to Nolita, Little Italy and Chinatown. Before we left the UK, I had come across a little food tour of Chinatown online, narrowed the places down to a more manageable number (we eat a lot, but not that much) and decided we would work our way around some of the hot spots. Unfortunately for me, my eating buddy couldn’t cope with the amount of food we were set up to consume, so we had to reduce the stops by at least two more. I say that, but I did sneak him the larger half of everything. I’m almost certain we’ll be skipping dinner this evening… OK, make that a maybe. There’s just so much good food here!

We shared the most amazing Falafel and hummus plate at Taim… and when I say amazing, I mean it. Probably the best Falafel I’ve ever tasted.


Then we popped into the Golden Steamer and had one salted egg bun and one pork and vegetable. I kid you not, the salted egg bun may have to go down as one of the top 5 things I’ve ever eaten. Glorious! Alex preferred the pork bun, which was also pretty darned great. All at the bargain price of $1.80 for two.



Up next Tai Pan’s Egg Custard Tarts… yup, we’re still going (it was lunch and breakfast after all!). This was an experience and a half. No one spoke English (well, at least not to us) and the bakery was manic. It took us a while to get what we wanted and it was nice, but probably not something I’d go back for. Alex said it tasted like a cross between a Gregg’s sausage roll and an M&S custard tart… Go figure that one out! The custard bit was good, but I wasn’t sure about the pastry.

Day Four In New York

We were flagging a bit by this stage, but I really wanted to try as many spots as possible so we hit up one last place. This time it was Prosperity Dumpling – A tiny little place that was totally jammed full of people. Always a good sign. We ordered the Fried Chive and Pork Dumplings and got 4 for $1!! We were both glad that we’d stopped because they were absolutely delicious. There were two more dumping houses on my list, but there was no way we’d have been able to manage it all so that was the end of that.


Um, well actually, I lied. We made one last food stop at Dominique Ansel Bakery – The home of the Cronut. You have to get to the store at a ridiculously early time of day for one of the 200 cronuts that they bake each day, but I’d heard that the DKA’s were just as good. We picked up one each and mine is still sitting on the side here in the apartment until I recover from my food coma. Alex has eaten his (and I had a nibble)… Really good, but definitely not as good as the delicious Crodoughs we had in London a while back. They say ‘tender, flaky, croissant-like dough with a caramelized crunchy crust’  – We say ‘a fluffy and plump palmier’.


That’s about all for our day four in New York. Eat. Walk. Repeat. Just how we like it. We’re not sure what we’ll do with the rest of our evening, but I really hope it involves a few cocktails and not a single morsel of food! It’s our last full day tomorrow and we fly back to London the following afternoon. Then it’s back on the juicing for me as I’m going to pay for eating so much wheat. Sad times.



Until next time x

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