Crystal Palace Park

When we moved to Sydenham, I was a little bit sceptical that it was going to the right place for us. Moving from leafy Beckenham, to a high street that is a little rougher around the edges was not my ideal. However, I was swayed by the fact that we’d be moving from a more family oriented area to one with more of a mixed community, which moved with a little more pace.

It’s a lovely bonus to live close to a large park and luckily, just a 7 minute walk away from our home, is the delightful Crystal Palace Park. Over the past few weeks, I’ve taken quite a few walks and here are some of the things I’ve seen…




Crystal Palace Sign


Crystal Palace headless


Crystal Palace Park lake


Crystal Palce sports Center


Crystal Palace sport


Palace sports


Crystal Palace Vollyball




Crystal Palace Dinasaurs








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