Crystal Palace International Film Festival

Over the past week I’ve been  searching for things to do on the cheap in my local area and the other evening I came across something quite special. That something is the Crystal Palace International Film Festival and last night I graced them with my presence. Lucky them.

CPIFF is in it’s second year and is a pretty impressive film festival for something quite so local to me. In fact, even if it wasn’t local it would still be as magnificent. 500 films of various lengths have been submitted from all over the world and they are showing 83 of these over 9 categories until September 30th. Films have come from as far as Japan, Vanezuala, New Zealand, USA and Norway, so variety is certainly not lacking here!

Now, I’m no movie buff, but I know what I like and last night we watched 9 short films, all of which had some great elements about them. The night was hosted at a gem of a pub called Westow House and it was totally free to attend (If you don’t count the goblet of wine I had). We watched the films in the back room, slouched in cosy chesterfields with a room full of enthusiasts, locals and even some of the films’ directors. This was a great chance to see short films which I wouldn’t normally see, as they are rarely picked up and shown around the world en masse like this.

The CPIFF awards night is being held on September 30th and has  some well known judges such as Johnny Vegas and Mark Steel as well as major industry people such as Quentin Miles, who directs animation and special effects at Cinesite for huge Hollywood films. Mark Steel will be hosting on the night and they will be showing some comedy shorts.

Before the awards though there are still plenty more nights for you to attend. Only a few of the nights are paying events, but even then it’s only £5 entry, which includes a free drink. Yes, a FREE drink! I urge you to attend and if you are free this Friday night then book your ticket to The Killage, which looks absolutely hilarious! It takes a lot to make me laugh, but I have very high hopes for this one…

Westow House

And their very retro toilets!

For more information head to The CPIFF website here:

Follow them on Facebook & Twitter here:!/CrystalPalaceFF

 A list of the Short Films I watched last night:
Connected (Australia) When Sophie returns from an overseas trip James has discovered the iPhone!
Calculus Of Love (UK) Starring Keith Allen. Ambition collides with genius in the quest to solve a 250-year old mathematical puzzle.
Click (UK)
Why are we afraid of the dark? The children discover why in possibly the last building they will ever enter.
Garbo (Australia)
Bill and Barbara aren’t growing old gracefully, but they’re usually too drunk to care.
Workhorse (UK) Liz goes on and Internet date and wakes up with vague memories of being raped.
Vienna (UK) Two strangers spontaneously elope for 24 hours, told in the style of a memory,
flashing backwards and forwards to key points.
Vacant Possession (UK) When trying to sell a property with a grisly history to a prospective client, do not ignore any warning signals!
Bad Night For The Blues (UK)
It’s your turn to take your Auntie to the Conservative Club – what do you do? Bite the bullet or do a runner?
The Anchor (UK) ‘In a pub, No-one can hear you dream’.

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