Costa Del Sol

We’ve been in the Costa Del Sol for five days now and I’ve spent most those days melting in the heat. I’m not moaning – Just melting! It has been between 34-38 degrees every day and as lovely as a bit of heat is, it has taken some time to adjust. We now understand the Spanish routine of late, long and large lunches and small, very late dinners, but it’s really tricky getting into the habit when you’ve had the opposite drummed into you for over 30 years.

I wasn’t quite sure that Spain and I would get on at first, but it’s definitely growing on me. Not speaking the language we’ve found some things a bit tricky and I have been doing a lot pointing at menus, or simply pretending to know what people are saying. I don’t feel I’m going to get the most out of eating over here as I can’t read everything on the menu. I’d rather eat in one of the restaurants for the locals rather than the ones that feel obliged to put chicken and chips on the menu… I know, I know, I should have learned the language!

We spent the first three days driving around and checking out places such as Cadiz  (which apparently could be the oldest city in Europe) and Jerez De La Frontera. We stayed in a fab hotel right in the center of town in Jerez called the Hotel Palacio Garvey. I’d love to have spent more time in the town and would definitely head back there. We hit a fabulous food market in Cadiz but unfortunately couldn’t take any of it with us for fear of it actually cooking in the boot of the car. It was nice enough there, but Jerez definitely won me over out of the two.

For the rest of our trip we’ll be based in Mijas which is about half an hour from Malaga. It’s full to the brim with English people. I knew this might be the case, but wasn’t expecting quite so many. For that reason we have decided to take quite a few day trips to try to see a bit more of the real Spain… If that’s possible in the high summer season with our rubbish knowledge of the language. It’s so English that one of the restaurant owners (a true Spaniard)  asked us how we were in the cockney-ist of accents to try to entice us to eat at his place. Odd.

Alex sussing out the olives.

Costa Del Sol

Look at the garlic on those… I did whiff for a while!

Spanish Olives

Wouldn’t need five of these in my stir fry.

Large Spring onions


Me. Still need to work on the tan.

Zoe in Spain

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