Colour Crush Lipsticks from The Body Shop

Some stores seem to continually have sales and money-off codes – I’m certainly not complaining, but it would be a whole lot easier for us all the prices were just consistently lower, instead of all this faffing about with promo codes, wouldn’t it? We all love what seems to be a bargain, don’t we? Since I signed up to The Body Shop mailing list over Christmas, I’ve had nothing but emails offering ‘40% off for this week only’ and ‘up to 50% off’ and so on – I’ve never really shopped in the store for make- up before (no reason other than I just haven’t got around to it with so many other products on offer), however last week, I got sucked in and purchased four (yes four) of their Colour Crush lipsticks.

I have to admit that I’ve been pretty rubbish at choosing the perfect lip colour to suits me. I tend to go for all the brights that I like the look of, buy them and then have to mix up different colours so they look good with my skin tone. I just can’t help myself when I see a colour that I like, even if it may not be the best one for me, it will definitely look good on my dressing table! Gah! I wish I was one of those people who suits everything. *sobs*

I’ve seen bloggers galore gushing over the Body Shop Colour Crush lipsticks, so decided I may as well finally give them a go and armed with a 40% off promo code I decided to top off my collection with a nice little selection of both the Colour Crush and Colour Crush Shine. After trialing them all, I have to say they are pretty good. They are very moisturising and there is a great selection of colours. The Colour Crush Shine is designed to be sheer wash of colour on the lip, and the other Colour Crush lipsticks really packs a punch, with some attractive bold brights.

As someone who suffers with dry lips, these are a great option. They apply smoothly and I much prefer them to the Rimmel Kate lipsticks, which really aren’t sitting well on my lips at all. The staying power is pretty average – I’m yet to try something that doesn’t need reapplying on a night out – but they do leave a nice stain on the lips, which will see you though to the next application. After testing these out I’m keen to try out more of the Body Shop’s make up selection, but I’ve still got a lot to get through before I shop there again and I’m still to find a lipstick that I swear by…

Colour Crush Lipsticks from The Body Shop

Colour Crush Magenta de Rouge

Colour Crush Shine Lipsticks – 14 Magenta de Rouge and 15 Fuchsia Flirt

Body Shop 105 Coral Cutie

110 ‘Coral Blush and 101 ‘Red Siren’

Colour Crush Lipsticks Swatches

Swatches from left to right…
110 Coral Blush, 101 Red Siren, 14 Magenta de Rouge and 15 Fuchsia Flirt.

I’m not sure how long the Body Shop sale will last for, but head HERE to see if it is still running.

Have you got a favourite lipstick I should be testing out?

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