Christmas a La Seebyzoe

Hello lovely readers. I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas! Alex and I have just returned from our little trip to Northern Ireland, where we were visiting my sister and her two children. We took the ferry over because Betsy the Chihuahua was tagging along with us, and boy was it a different trip to the usual hour and a bit flight! It went something along the lines of a five hour drive, three and a half hour boat trip and then another two hour drive before we reached our final destination. I thought Betsy would be the one to get a little queasy on the boat trip, but it was me that turned a funny shade of green along with quite a few other boat passengers – An extremely choppy day on the Irish Sea, which luckily didn’t affect me on the return journey.

Anyway, it was all worth it in the end as we took bundles of gifts over to the children, which they promptly added to their millions of other bundles! We love seeing them, as visits don’t happen as often as I like, but if there is a good time of the year to visit, then Christmas has to be it.

Unfortunately, I now find myself working hard on this rainy Saturday to make up for the few days I took off over the past week, but what can you do eh?!

Here are a few of my Christmas memories  –  I’ll do a little Christmas gift post just as soon as I get all this work done. Oh, woe is me!



Island hill 2

Island hill Ireland

Island Hill Walk

Serious sisters…


Christmas walk


Betsy Beach


How was your Christmas folks?

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