Catford Canteen Supper Club

I have come to the conclusion that Alex is most definitely a postcode snob. He likes to think he isn’t and will often deny it until he is blue in the face, but he really is. When I suggested we book a night out at the Catford Canteen for a Pop-up supper club the other week, he just gave me the look that he always gives when I suggest an area he is not quite sure of, but shrugged and went along with it to keep me happy anyway.

So, last night, we battled our way on a hellishly crammed 202  bus (or the ‘window licker’ as some people call it) and ventured into an area that we wouldn’t usually associate as a place to spend a Friday night dining. No disrespect to Catford, but we have really never thought to go there for anything, let alone a supper club.

The Catford Canteen supper clubs are held in a converted retail unit in the on the ground floor of the Catford Centre and seat 26 people. We were there for the Curry Cook House event and they cooked us up a storm of delicious authentic Pakistani home cooking. Not being someone who normally goes for spice,  I did struggle a little on the main, but it was well worth it. The food was tasty and everyone was very friendly and welcoming.

I really enjoy going to supper clubs because you never know who you are going to be seated with and the evenings can go any which way. Luckily we’ve always had good company, and last night’s was particularly nice as we were just seated with two people who we ended up chatted to all night long. I did leave the event a bit worried that we may have interrupted their evening catch up as they  didn’t have time to talk alone, but I guess that really is what it’s all about – Meeting new people and having a good chin wag!

The Catford Canteen is one of many projects that have been set up by Lewisham Council to enhance Catford Broadway and they are hosting events every weekend until March 2014. They did start some supper clubs up in our local area, but they were over pretty quickly and I’d love to see them come back. I think we’ll probably try and go back to another Canteen visit before it finishes and I’d suggest you give one a go if you are anywhere near the area. Each night is different with varying styles of food and they are all pretty good value for money. It certainly makes nice change to dine with new people every now and then.

Alex was laughing at my lame pictures, but it’s pretty hard to take them discreetly at a table of strangers.
So, once again I apologise for the quality io images that you are about to see…

Trio of starters Pakora + Samosa + Lamb Kebab

Catford Canteen


Warm Chocolate Samosas





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  1. Jaime January 27, 2014 / 8:15 am

    Yum, that looks delicious!

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