On Being Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

I know, I know… It’s been quite some time! Unfortunately, I’m just stopping by to tell you all a little bad news. Last week, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer – In my favourite boob at that… such a traitor! I have decided to share the news, so I don’t feel so lonely when I’m going through my treatment. You all know that I like to talk.

I guess, for some people, it’s hard to come to terms with news like this, but I think I’d accepted it even before the words came out of the doctor’s mouth. I was told to prepare for the worst after all, and oh my, did I do that. One minute I’m just plodding along, looking forward to my year packed with many plans and then before I know it, I’m being attacked with a biopsy gun, followed swiftly by the dreaded news.

If I’m honest, I thought I’d feel a lot worse on hearing my diagnosis, but I still feel that it’s just simply another hurdle that I have to get over in my life. I know I’ll come out stronger. I may end up having no hair for quite some time and a bit of a wonky boob, but hey ho, there’s no point grumbling, as it will just make things depressing for everyone around me. There are definitely people a lot worse off than me in the world. So, I’m going to try and get through this with much grace as possible and most probably with the aid of lots and lots of wise cracks, that nobody really needs to hear.

In other news, I am now a vegan (sobs), I’m off wig shopping next week (because no one needs to see my bald head), and I’ve got someone on the case for my chemo playlists. You can never be too prepared.

I’m unsure if I’ll be blogging my journey throughout the year… I mean, come on, I’ve been a pretty shoddy blogger to date – why should this change anything?!

Don’t you worry about me though, I’m far too much of a stubborn little lady, who really does like to get her own way :)

Until next time x

As you can see, the kids have taken the  news pretty well…

Fat Cat


Brunch, Galleries and The Best of Britannia

Ah, it was only a matter of time before the dreary weather hit London, wasn’t it. Sad, frizzy hair times. The weekend was another quiet one for us work wise, so we took full advantage and kept ourselves pretty busy. Eating was obviously our main focus, but we did throw a few cultural activities and some shopping into the mix!

On Saturday, I donned my new blue jeans, had a bit of a fit about them not suiting me and then changed into the black ones (yup), and we eventually headed out to have brunch at Workshop Coffee in Clerkenwell. I’ve seen quite a bit of chat about this place online, so made it my mission to finally go there. It was pleasant enough, but I have to admit I have eaten better – We both opted for the Full Benedict (English Muffin, Ham Hock, Poached Eggs, Spinach, Chipotle Sauce) and the bill was a little pricey for my liking, but that’s London for you *sigh*. The service was amazing though and it was a very cozy and relaxing environment. It was great to go to a place where the staff top up your water continuously throughout the meal. That really doesn’t happen enough in the UK. Grrr.

Workshop Coffee

Workshop Cafe

After filling ourselves up nicely, we then popped into Best of Britannia in the Farmiloe Building. This event was effectively a pop-up department store set over three floors, offering British-made goods over about 200 stalls.  It was great to take a look around the venue, but luckily for my bank balance there weren’t too many items that I wanted to bag and bring home – a lot of the handcrafted goods came with quite hefty price tags, but I guess it really is all about the love and hours that are spent making such great quality items. It cost £8 to enter the event, which I thought was quite a lot for a Saturday afternoon browse around. Perhaps we missed all the action that made it worth it.

Made in England

Made In Britain


Best Of Britania

British Mini

We finished of the day with a quick 241 pizza and cocktail deal just next door at Bar Smith. All were delicious, but the highlight of the visit had to be Alex sitting in a full on chair puddle *chuckles* – As you can see… He was thrilled!

Bar Smith

I went for the gluten-free pizza, which was absolutely delicious.

Bar Smith Gluten Free Pizza

We had a bit of a slower start on Sunday and decided to head into Chelsea for lunch at Tommi’s Burger Joint… you’ve just got to go for a big juicy burger when you fancy it, and we definitely made the right choice going to this place. It was pretty good value compared to so many other places, with a burger, fries and soda costing £9.50. No pictures were taken I’m afraid, but that’s probably best as we’d only be left drooling!

After that, we mooched around the stores and then popped into Proud Galleries to take in the pictures of Jane & Serge by Andrew Birkin – An exhibition charting the intense relationship between Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin. We’ve been listening to a lot of Serge lately so it was pretty fitting. You can read more about the couple HERE:

Jane & Serge

No visit to Chelsea is complete without popping into the Saatchi Gallery, so we ended the day there… Eek!

Saatchi Gallery

How was your weekend. Get up to anything I should know about?

Jeans Fit for a Lazy Slug

I went out in a pair of Jeans this morning. Oh yes, I did! That may not sound unusual to many of you, but I’d say it has been about 10 years since I left the house in Jeans… probably even longer. I really hate searching for trousers that fit and it’s taken quite some time for me to drum up the want to start my search for a pair of jeans that suit me, as well as fitting comfortably. Being only 5 ft 1 inch makes shopping a little trickier – admittedly much less so these days, than in years gone by!

Over the past month, I’ve basically spent my spare time online, ordering about twelve (yes twelve) different pairs of jeans on rotation, all in different sizes and brands. Finally, one pair (in two different colours) are now mine. I must admit, they aren’t one hundred percent the ‘perfect fit’, but if I add a belt and pull them up a few times an hour then they’ll just about do. The pair that I went for were from Topshop, which totally surprised me, as the petite range there always looks like it is made for tiny children!

So, this morning I donned my jeans and went for a walk with the dog. Very liberating! It’s no secret that I can be a bit slow in the mornings. I try really hard to get up, but as a freelancer who works from home, I’ve got into a bit of a bad habit of taking my time. Zzzzz, what’s the rush anyway?!  This morning I decided to get out nice and early, to walk Betsy. My thoughts were that I could just go out before my shower, no fussing around, whack on the jeans (instead of faffing around with the usual tights/skirt combo), walk for an hour come back home feeling awake and ready for the day. Unfortunately, Betsy the Chihuahua is also pretty lazy in the mornings and I practically had to drag her out of bed and out of the front door! What are we like?!

Anyway, I discovered that the key to getting up and out early is to just have something simple to throw on. I’m not those people find it quick and easy to get ready, let me tell you. I need to shower, wash my hair, dry my hair, do my make-up and iron my clothes. MISSION! I’m trying to change that so I’m starting with an 8am walk in jeans. A bit Very odd, but that’s just me.

Here I am in my new jeans…. Well, Betsy was never going to be able to take the picture was she ;)

Jeans fit for a Lazy slug

Here’s what I dressed them with to keep me snug and warm….

Topshop Petite Tweedy Rib Cardigan – Go a size smaller unless you like your cardigans to drown you!

TopShop Cardigan


And here’s Betsy, just rolling on the pavement for no particular reason!

Crystal Palace Park

Do you find it difficult to go Jean shopping… or are you a lucky so and so!?


A weekend full of Brighton, Gin & Cheese… Bliss.

We pretty much had a few days free to do as we liked this weekend. Surprisingly, neither of us had much work to on, which gave us plenty of time to get out and about in London town. Unfortunately, the plans we’d made were instantly scuppered, as the London Overground was closed, making anywhere pretty difficult to get anywhere. It was a choice of rail replacement or bust. So we went bust and stayed local on Saturday… Let’s just take a moment to curse the blasted rail works that need to be done during our weekend leisure time… #$@&%*!? That’s better.

It wasn’t all bad, as we ended stocking up the fridge with cheese a-plenty (mmm… cheese) and spent some time indulging in gin cocktails. We’ve been testing out Ophir gin over the past few days and I have to say it’s pretty good – A very different gin with a strong cardamom flavour, which some like to serve with chilli…. Not me. I’ll take it alone thanks!

Opihr Gin

My current favourite cheese from Waitrose. You must try it… Um, that’s if you like your cheese to be nice and pungent!

Waitrose Berthaut's Epoisses cheese


Before the drink (always wise), we paid a quick visit to Brixton and bagged these lovely cards designed by illustrator Rosie Webb. I intend to frame a few and try to find a spot for them on the stairs… wish me luck. That space is filling up fast.

Rosie Webb

Today, after a minor set back of the car and house keys being inside the house whilst we were outside (Doh), we managed to hot foot it to Brighton to spend a few hours in the lanes. We pretty much just shopped, ate ice cream and wore out the little dog by the sea front…

Brighton Pier

Gelato Gusto Brighton

We’ve been looking for a salad bowl for ages… and today I finally settled on this bamboo bowl from Oliver Bonas. Love.

Bamboo Bowl

We’re now supping more gin and eating a little more cheese before the weekend comes to a close – That’s after Alex cooked me yet another delicious Sri Lankan Duck Curry from the Simply Cook recipe kits. If you haven’t tried them, then I suggest giving it a go! Yum.

Simply Cook box

Well, that was my weekend. I hope yours was fab x

Summer of Discontent

I’m not going to lie, it was a summer of discontent for me and I’d much rather forget it… Hence my blogging silence. I haven’t had many of those in my life, so I  guess I should count myself as pretty lucky, move on and learn from it. Things are back on track, changes have been made and life goes on. Finding the time or desire to blog was the last thing on my mind over the past few months, but I’ve started to miss it a little, so I’m back to give it one last shot… Did you miss me?

Over the summer, Fat Cat got thin…. and then unfortunately got fat again! Huh? I pretty much did the same. Standard. Besty the Chihuahua spent many an hour basking in the sunshine on our balcony, and Alex moved his music studio into my ‘dressing room’ – A sad, sad time, which I’m told will only improve our lives. I’m still trying to get my head around that one… I mean, how can a lack of dressing space improve anyone’s life?! Eh? Answers on a postcard please.

I’ve made a massive monthly dent in my earnings and have signed up to get a Brompton cycle. You know… One of those funny fold up bikes that seem to cost the earth! Yup, I’ve joined the Brompton gang and have been searching frantically for a helmet that doesn’t make me look like a right numpty. Hmm, doesn’t appear to be one as yet, so I’ll be off to test lots of different ones out on my oddly shaped head one day very soon… Just because I’ve joined the ‘gang’ doesn’t mean I can’t do it with some sort of style. No siree.

Um, aside from all of that, I start a Photoshop course next week and somehow I seem to have found myself volunteering to help out with our local high street campaign to #rebuildthegreyhound. What else? Hmm, my teeth are still hurting and I may have to have yet another implant… BUT my dentist and I aren’t really talking about that until implant number two has been completed in a few weeks. If I’m totally honest, I’d rather my dentist and never spoke again, but what more can one do when their teeth are failing them!?

So, there’s my round-up of my life’s goings on. I hope you all had a wonderful summer and if you didn’t then just do what I’m doing and move on, try to forget it and make good.

Until next time x

 Alex’s Brompton… Mine will arrive soon in a stylist blue colour ;)

Fat Cat feeling proud of his trimmer self… Shame it didn’t last!


Best buds… For 5 seconds.

Cats Love Dogs

We reach 10 years in a few months… Glad we’ll make it x

Better Times