Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover Review

I seem to have spent much less money on bits and bobs from my local high street since we moved home last October. This is mainly because there aren’t actually any appealing shops in Sydenham…It’s all cash for gold, hairdressers and pound stores. As much as I moaned about where I used to live, I certainly do miss the shops in Beckenham.

One thing that has benefited from a distinctly average high street is my nail varnish collection. Without even thinking about it, I appear to have been buying a rather large amount of the nail varnish stock from Superdrug. I’m yet to find a polish with the staying power that I need and it seems that I am forever removing and reapplying varnish to my finger nails. It’s not actually a hassle –  I just get a few cotton pads, add varnish remover and after a few minutes, voila it has gone! Nice and easy, no fuss, all done.

Apparently, this usual nail polish removing technique seems to be too slow for the fast pace of women today, so Bourjois have created what they claim to be a ‘ Dissolvant Miraculeux’.


The bottle contains a sponge with a hole in it, which is soaked in nail polish remover. You simply dip your finger in, twist and then the polish should all have been removed. You can see it says 1 Second on the front of the bottle, but this could not really be further from the truth. I had a bit too much time on my hands over the bank holiday weekend so ran a little test…

So, here we have my hands with various types of nail polish. Ranging from Barry M to Bourjois (7 Days), Chanel, Zoya and a very horrible Red China Glaze glitter polish that I received in a beauty box. I used two coats of each.

After dipping and twisting in the pot three times on one hand and six on the other we can see the results.
(The right hand was turned three times and the left six) Please excuse the pics… You can’t seem to get the staff these days.

Hmm, so you see it undoubtedly wasn’t as easy as they claim. I did eventually get most of it off, with a few more twists and turns. All but the glitter fingers that is. I absolutely hate the glitter polish! It is almost  impossible to remove. I opted to use a cotton pad in the end, and even that was a battle.

Bloggers everywhere are raving about this ‘miracle bottle’. They are saying that they can’t pick it up anywhere due to stocks selling out, but I went into three stores yesterday and there it was fully stocked up for £4.99 a pop (75ml)… Not so difficult after all! On the plus side, this product is acetone free and actually smells quite a lot nicer than any other nail varnish removers I’ve used (once on the nails). However, I can usually buy a 200ml acetone free bottle for around £2 and am always using cotton pads for my face, so a few extra for varnish removal is probably the route I’ll continue to take when this bottle is empty.

Looking at these pictures leaves me wondering… Could I dip in my toes!?

Have you ever bought something, after reading all the hype and been equally disappointed?  Do you have other reasons for choosing this nail varnish remover?

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2 Responses

  1. glamorous glutton June 8, 2012 / 8:47 am

    I definitely get sucked in by the hype, just as I would have been had I seen this. Any gadgets/products for a cults in the nail painting department? GG

  2. glamorous glutton June 8, 2012 / 8:49 am

    That should have read CLUTZ in the nail painting etc. autocorrect! GG

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