Bershka – Take your shades

Is it just me, or are more and more stores making their lighting so bright that you need to be fully prepared, with shades on before walking in?! No? Just me?… Oh well. When I went into Bershka a few weeks ago, I had this very problem, but alas I was shadeless! I truly hate the whiter than white lighting, but I guess there must be some reason they opt for it. I’m a creature of the dark you see, and I guess the kids of today like things gleaming!

I don’t often go into Bershka because generally it’s not the usual style I go for, but I’ve been pretty poor of late and desperately needed something new (and cheap) to wear for Alex’s next DJ gig at the Aviator. Surprisingly I found a dress that fits like a glove and was only £25.99. Bargain! It’s super slimming and can be dressed up with a pair of massive heels, tights and my shrunken linen lapel blazer… Shades optional if you are preparing to be out all night!

 It looks nicer in the flesh than online, but below is an image from the website…
What do you think? Do you shop in Bershka?

Bershka - Take your shades


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