Beer v Wine With Cheese

About two or so weeks ago, Alex and I went out to a beer v wine with cheese night at Good Taste Food and Drink. Yes, it has taken me some time to post about it, but cheese is certainly worth the wait and I was in a cheese coma for a while there!

If you know me (or are a regular reader of my blog), you will know that I am overly partial to ‘more cheese than is necessary’ and Good Taste Food and Drink is the place where I often stock up. Owner Manish loves his cheese and I now know that he really loves beer as an accompaniment. I like many others, always thought that cheese was best paired with wine or port, but it wasn’t until this event that I gave beer a chance.

I’m not actually a regular beer drinker, but Alex does love a decent ale and I’ll give anything a go! During the night, we were given the chance to try various wines and beers against different cheeses. Fighting the wine corner was freelance wine writer, consultant and blogger, Matt Walls. He and Manish were both extremely passionate about their choices and undoubtedly knew their stuff. The evening was extremely informative, relaxed and exceptionally good fun. We came away having discovered new cheeses, new ales and new wines –  We also came away with slight headaches on the next day, from over consumption of them all!

Pairing beer or wine with cheese is not actually something I’ve ever given much thought to in the past, but it really is worth thinking about. On the night, twenty four guests voted in rounds and the wine just pipped beer to the post by only one point. I swayed more to wine and Alex swayed more to beer, but we both agreed the night was fantastic! I certainly hope that Manish puts on more of these events in the future.

If you would like to read a description of which beer and wine we had with each cheese, then head to THIS blog post that Manish has written on Lover Of Creating Flavours.

I took many photos on the night, but things seem to have blurred part way through!




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  1. yvonnesedition November 6, 2012 / 1:12 pm

    I have to admit I’m keener on beer than wine these days, unless it’s red wine where it’s neck and neck, but I love the idea of this night.

    • seebyzoe November 6, 2012 / 4:47 pm

      I sway more to red these days, but gin comes out top all the time!

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