Bedtime Thoughts

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Whilst lying awake at 1am this morning with my bedtime thoughts, sandwiched in between Fat Cat and Alex, I was wondering why on earth I sleep in such a small bed. We have a double, and we are only small people, but I’ve always felt a bit squished up. My Mum and Nan are both single, but they have massive king size beds all to themselves. If I remember correctly, my Mum’s bed is so enormous that people as short as me would most certainly need a step ladder to get up onto it! I don’t want one of those, but I’d take a king that’s a bit lower to the ground, that’s for sure!

My bed is pretty comfortable, there’s no doubt about that. We have a great mattress with a comfy topper and now it’s winter we have whacked the electric blanket back on it – It’s just some extra space that I’m in need of. Whenever we go to LA, we stay in a fab apartment which has my ideal bed. It’s comfy and so huge, but alas it is so far away!

Whilst mulling this over at silly o’clock in the morning, I decided then and there that I would get a bigger bed. Then, after a few minutes I remembered that before I get a bigger bed, I am going to need a bigger bedroom, which obviously means I’m going to need a bigger house. Hmm, so that’s not going to happen for a while then. Plan aborted.

With my big-bed-dreams squashed to smithereens (for the time being), it looks as if I’ll have to settle with what I’veĀ  got. Fat Cat might have to find another place to sleep though because he is becoming a bit of a bed hogger! Maybe it’s time to invest in a bed for his lordship.


What size bed do you have and do you feel as squished as me?


Bedtime Thoughts






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