Aviator Antics

On Friday night,  Alex and I headed back to the Aviator in Farnborough with friends as the hotel had asked him back for another DJ set. He rarely has time to DJ these days, as he so busy with other work, but the Aviator is one gig I’m not willing for him to turn down! I love the hotel, the food and the random times we have there, and once again we had a fantastic night.

It was a bit of a rush getting there in Friday night traffic, but after a quick change on arrival we headed straight down for some delicious food and copious amounts of wine and cocktails. Alex worked his magic behind the decks and we all had a little after party in our suite – Apparently ordering even more food from room service to eat on top of the cake that I’d made for both Jo and Paul’s birthday.

I’m told that we wrapped the night up at around 4am and I annoyingly woke up an hour and a half before we needed to be down at breakfast (why does that always happen?). Breakfast is never a chore at the Aviator and I really, really needed it on this occasion! Alex and I checked out much later in the day and luckily for us my mum lives ten minutes down the road from the hotel, so we popped into her place for some more recovery food (what are mums for eh?), before heading home to catch up on some much needed sleep.

My body is still trying to repair itself after my night out on Friday… It’s pretty depressing how much longer it takes, the older you get! I had a brilliant night out nonetheless, and I’m hoping they ask Alex back for another visit soon. I might spend a relaxing night in the room next time though!

Here’s a few snapshots of the food… Not great shots I’m afraid, but lugging a camera around whilst drinking is never at the forefront of my mind. Take a look at the Aviator’s great site for some much better camera action.

Aviator Antics






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  1. auscanucksarah March 4, 2013 / 10:02 pm

    4am! Yikes! I am waaaay to old and crotchety for that! That risotto loks great though. Glad you had a fun night!

    • seebyzoe March 4, 2013 / 10:11 pm

      haha! I’m used to late nights working on the club doors! I’m more partial to early ones these days though ;)

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