ASOS Spring Picks

I hold on to my clothes for a very long time. Not always out of choice (as you know that I find it hard to find anything that fits), but generally because when I like something a lot I tend to buy it twice. Sometimes thrice… oh, yes!

When we were on holiday the other week, I found myself wearing exactly the same outfit I had worn five years ago in the same country. Eek! I felt groggy and un-stylish, so made it my mission to scour the web ASOS, when I got home. I’d say I have a pretty good eye for fashion and if I was wealthy (and taller) I’m sure I’d be a lot more on trend. Unfortunately, I’m neither, so let’s just say my wardrobe is not looking it’s best at this point in my life. Must. Make. More. Effort.

I always find it annoying when magazines and websites rant on about how great celebrities are for being so on-trend and ahead of the game, when they probably all have stylists chained to their wardrobe… Look, if we all had that sort of cash, I’m sure we’d be able to do it too!

Anyway, here’s a little peek at some of the clothes that caught my eye – My ASOS Spring picks. I’ll hopefully get around to a proper wardrobe overhaul soon… One day, one day!

ASOS Spring Picks
Top left to bottom right:
1: Warehouse Jacquard Floral Print Top
2: The WhitePepper  – Boxy Crop Top in Floral Print
3: ASOS PETITE – Breton Stripe Top
4: ASOS PETITE –  Cute Kitty T-Shirt

Asos Spring Looks

Top left to bottom right:
1: Warehouse Pleated Print Midi Skirt
2: ASOS Blazer in Pastel Lace (& Shorts)
3: Motel – Boxy Crop Top In Tropical Print
4: ASOS Crop Top & Shirt Palm Tree Print


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