Afternoon Tea at The Dorchester

Well, yesterday’s Afternoon Tea at The Dorchester was quite an experience! My friend Sarah had asked me to join her for one last tea before she sets sail back to Australia and I certainly wasn’t going to say no… I mean, who says no to afternoon tea!? Not me, that’s for sure.

I’ve never actually set foot in The Dorchester before and the decor certainly is quite something. Our tea was taken in the Promenade, a restaurant that runs the length of the hotel. It was all decked out for Christmas and looking divine. On arrival however, we were unfortunately seated next to another table of diners, who hadn’t particularly dressed for the occasion. Think hoodies, sweatpants and much slouching and arm rest-hogging. I’m sure that there is meant to be a dress code, but perhaps they were guests of the hotel with a lot of money to spend?

Not to be put off, we immersed ourselves in conversation and dived into our delicious sandwiches and Laurent-Perrier Cuvée Rosé champagne. We were there for the Festive Afternoon Tea and the sandwiches were most definitely my favourite part. They really were quite something and I think the fact that I don’t usually eat wheat may have made them even more indulgent! These were followed up by scones, tea from an extensive menu, and a selection of Christmas pastries, cakes and mince pies. I have to say I was a little disappointed with the cakes and pastries on offer, but it really was down to personal taste. They serve one of each cake and you battle it out to take the one that takes your fancy first. You can ask for more, but easier said than done on our visit as after we had been served our plate we saw very little of our waitress. We opted to half each cake, and to be honest we were so stuffed we couldn’t eat them all anyway.

Part way through our tea, Peter Andre descended upon The Dorchester, which was as highly entertaining as you can imagine. I have to admit to watching his show on TV, and the goss of the day is that he really does look much better off-screen! Along with that I was still trying very hard not to focus on the table next to us – they were so rude and acting like stroppy teenagers – demanding this, that and the other, and later on they were joined by a slightly whiffy friend. Not our day. I’ve eaten out a lot and never seen anything like this. I have to give credit to their waiter though – He was so patient and oh-so professional.

Aside from all the goings-on around us, Sarah and I had loads to chat about and I really had a lovely time with her. We were there for a generous two and a half hours, even though the tea sittings are meant to be an hour and forty five minutes. It was really lovely to catch up with her again.

Would I go to the Dorchester again?… Yes. I’d really like to give it another go. I think we were just very unlucky with our seating position and I do appreciate sometimes staff have a lot to contend with. Saying that, I just wish the £62.50 (inc Service charge) that I spent this time was not the most amazing experience that I imagined it would be. It was Sarah’s third visit, so that certainly means they have been doing something right.


Once again excuse the pictures. We’ll be selling our massive DSLR soon and will be using the funds to purchase something more portable. For now, it’s down to my iphone. Sorry…

Afternoon Tea at the Dorchester

Green Tea

Afternoon Tea Sandwiches

London's Best Afternoon Tea?

Proof of the Andre appearance…


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