Advent Calendar Lusts

Every year Alex and I toy around with the idea of getting an advent calendar for Fat Cat… Look, we don’t have children, so someone’s got to get the gifts to compensate! We’ve actually never gone as far as purchasing one, but it’s the thought that counts and Fat Cat loves us for that alone I’m sure!

Over the years, calendars seem to have become more and more extravagant, with people spending as much on the calendar itself as I would usually budget for a family Christmas gift. It’s all gone a bit mad! I can often see what all the fuss is about, when it comes to some of the tempting calendars that are around, but with so many to choose from how do you pick just one, and should we actually stray from the traditional and splurge when money is so tight?! Tempting. Very tempting.


Just take a look at my advent calendar lusts …

Beauty calendars

As with all beauty must haves, these calendars are pretty hard to find and a lot have now sold out. If you are in total lust then I wish you luck on your purchasing mission!

From top left to bottom right

1: Ciaté – CAVIAR Mini Mani Month – £38
    These have literally flown off the shelves and are pretty hard to find, but check out QVC ladies.
2: Lancome advent calendar – £70 – Gone? Try these Crackers
3: SELFRIDGES – Beauty advent calendar – £82 – Gone. Gone. Gone!
4: Latest In Beauty – The YOU Beauty Advent Calendar – £59.95


Boozy calendars…

Masters of Malt – Ginvent Calendar Bottling Note – £79.95

WOW! Drinks by the Dram have teamed up with The Gin Blog to create the Ginvent Calendar – This is my kind of calendar and I am very very tempted. I’d have to share the costs with Alex of course, but I’ll start by trying and win one via their twitter page!

Masters of Malt – Whisky Advent Bottling Note – £149.95
A whisky lovers dream!


Do you have an annual calendar and if so what  so you generally opt for?

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  1. yvonnesedition November 7, 2012 / 7:54 pm

    Ok, I want them all except for the Whisky one (it doesn’t agree with me).

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