A Freelancer’s Winter Walk

So, I’m actually doing it… I’ve got the trainers, I’ve got the treadmill and I’m attempting to get
(a bit) fit. Don’t be fooled, I’m not aiming to go overboard here. Just a light bit of fast walking on the treadmill every morning, simply to get me off my backside. There are only so many months that you can get out of bed, plonk yourself in front of the computer and work for the whole day, without gaining a bit of extra padding on your rear end!

I think I’ve mentioned quite a few times that I don’t like winter weather, hence the treadmill purchase. I was going to hire one, but it worked out cheaper to buy one from Ebay.  When the sun decides to come out and play again, I’ll sell it on and go for plenty of walks in the park, but for now I’m watching TV while I walk.

I blame cheese for all of this! I seem to have been eating the stuff nonstop since the festive season began, way back in December. It has taken quite some force for me to  commit and get back into a strict routine. As a rule, I generally eat what I want, when I want… I just do it all in moderation. However, the time has come for me to mix up a few of Grazia’s diets* and get back on track. I’ve tried both the diets individually in the past and they have worked. I’m just mixing them up for a bit of variation.

I’m absolutely starving and the exercise is killing me, but needs must and all that.

* Grazia Diet One: The Diet You won’t notice doing (You will really)
*Grazia Diet Two: The Bikini Panic Diet (It’s harsh)

Not the best sight in our lounge, but it’s only for a while…

My first pair of trainers since I left school. I hate trainers!

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4 Responses

  1. Yvonne Duffield February 22, 2012 / 8:03 pm

    There is no way I could do that Bikini diet. I’d die!

    • seebyzoe February 22, 2012 / 8:13 pm

      That’s why I decided to mix them up. That was the toughest week I’ve ever had!

  2. Chris February 23, 2012 / 1:32 am

    I would pay money to see you in trainers! Please put up some pics of you in action.

    • seebyzoe February 23, 2012 / 1:07 pm

      Never going to happen.

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