On Being Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

Sunday, March 29, 2015

I know, I know… It’s been quite some time! Unfortunately, I’m just stopping by to tell you all a little bad news. Last week, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer – In my favourite boob at that… such a traitor! I have decided to share the news, so I don’t feel so lonely when I’m going through my treatment. You all know that I like to talk.

I guess, for some people, it’s hard to come to terms with news like this, but I think I’d accepted it even before the words came out of the doctor’s mouth. I was told to prepare for the worst after all, and oh my, did I do that. One minute I’m just plodding along, looking forward to my year packed with many plans and then before I know it, I’m being attacked with a biopsy gun, followed swiftly by the dreaded news.

If I’m honest, I thought I’d feel a lot worse on hearing my diagnosis, but I still feel that it’s just simply another hurdle that I have to get over in my life. I know I’ll come out stronger. I may end up having no hair for quite some time and a bit of a wonky boob, but hey ho, there’s no point grumbling, as it will just make things depressing for everyone around me. There are definitely people a lot worse off than me in the world. So, I’m going to try and get through this with much grace as possible and most probably with the aid of lots and lots of wise cracks, that nobody really needs to hear.

In other news, I am now a vegan (sobs), I’m off wig shopping next week (because no one needs to see my bald head), and I’ve got someone on the case for my chemo playlists. You can never be too prepared.

I’m unsure if I’ll be blogging my journey throughout the year… I mean, come on, I’ve been a pretty shoddy blogger to date – why should this change anything?!

Don’t you worry about me though, I’m far too much of a stubborn little lady, who really does like to get her own way :)

Until next time x

As you can see, the kids have taken the  news pretty well…

Fat Cat

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The Lodge Pop-up Restaurant in Balham

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Cheese, glorious cheese, you know I love it so! On Friday night, we went along to The Lodge pop-up restaurant in Balham, and boy am I glad we did. Ahead of our booking, I’d spent a good few days convincing Alex that the dodgy fondue he’d had years ago with his flatmates wouldn’t be a patch on what they are offering at Jimmy Garcia’s three-month residency in Balham.

I managed to get him to agree to share one with me, rather than go for the usual meat feast that he does so love, and I’m glad that he said yes because if you’re opting for fondue then you have to do so in pairs. It was definitely the right choice for the evening, even though I’m still suffering from a mild cheese coma as I type! Mmm, cheese.

The Lodge has been decked out to make you feel as though you are dining in the mountains – all warm and cozy, with decor to reflect Alpine scenes. They are open all day, from Tuesday through Sunday and serve fondue, HOT COCKTAILS(!) and a selection of  dishes including pigeon, venison and a delicious looking Huntsman Breakfast among other delights. Did I mention the hot cocktails? It’s worth the visit just for one of those alone.

The Lodge

For research purposes *cough* Alex and I tested out a few of the hot drinks and I have to say they were delicious. We probably should  just have had one, what with the amount of food on offer, but we braved a second like the gluttons that we are! My favourite was the Jersey Shore, consisting of rum, butterscotch sauce, golden syrup, giffard liquer and cardamom. Alex loved the Jamaican Hot Toddy made with Blackwells Rum, all spice, golden syrup, a twist of lemon, and a dash of water.

Hot Cocktails1

The food took a little while to come, but we were in no hurry… Why rush when you’re relaxing in a comfy lodge with amazing company and great food to look forward to, eh?! We ordered fondue with charcuterie, mainly to keep me from eating too many of the potatoes and bread that came along with the cheese feast (allergies), but also because the meat looked too good to resist.

Fondu London

The Lodge Balham

Cheese fondu


The Lodge Review

London Pop up restaurant

Everything was superb! The fondu was made of a blend of Coolea and Ogleshield Somerset provided by Neal’s Yard and the serving was far larger than we could manage, but we gave it our best shot, don’t you worry about that. Alex even found room for dessert – three scoops of ice cream served with a tray of toppings  waiting for you to pile as high as you so dare. Or maybe not, if you’ve taken the fondue one step top far!

Balham Pop Up

Jimmys Ice Cream Factory

As fabulous as the food was at Jimmy’s pop-up restaurant, it was the relaxed atmosphere that I enjoyed the most – We didn’t feel rushed at all, the staff were friendly and the setting was just right. It was pretty busy, so if you can make it, make sure you call to book a spot soon. The Lodge has already been open a few weeks and I’m sure their three-month residency will fly by, over the festive season. I, for one, hope to get back for the breakfast menu sometime very soon.


To book a table email bookings@jimmyspopup.com
More details about this pop-up restaurant, head over to the website HERE.

Lush Angels on Bare Skin Review

Thursday, November 6, 2014

It’s not often that you’ll find me willing to pop into a Lush store… All those strong smells holed up in one place –  It’s enough to make me sneeze and sniffle for a good fifteen minutes. Yup, that’s exactly what it does to me if ever I pop in. Which I think, has actually been a grand total of two times.

I know a lot of people absolutely love Lush and it seems to be a bloggers dream, from what I’m reading and watching everywhere at the moment. There are literally tons of Lush hauls going down online! I have to admit it’s just not my thing. What’s with all those oddly shaped massive bath things and where the heck does one store them?!  I can’t actually comment on how good they make your soak in the tub, but I just don’t think I can squish any more into my tiny bathroom cabinet. You get me?

A few weeks ago I decided to step across the threshold of their Chelsea store to pick up a tub of Angels On Bare Skin cleanser. I’d read quite a few good reviews, so thought I’d give it a go and report back.

Before my purchase, I did the usual Google search and found a rather comical review on the Paula’s Choice website…

‘Angels on Bare Skin contains lavender and rose oils, and is not recommended. This recipe claims to be from the Middle Ages, which to our way of thinking is not a positive selling point! Back in those days, life expectancy was drastically short and bloodletting was the pinnacle of medicine!’

And it continues…

‘A gentle facial cleanser for all skin types, made to an authentic recipe from the Middle Ages for the use of anyone with a romantic disposition and a wish to be carried off by a knight in shining armor. The ground almonds exfoliate gently; rose and lavender calm and soothe.’

Amazing! However, as funny as the review was, I decided not to trust them 100% as I’ve tried Paula’s Choice products in the past and they have done the complete opposite of what they said they should. Tut. Tut. Naughty Paula!

Angels on Bare Skin

Back to the Angels On Bare Skin cleanser. Well, it’s quite nice, but not really a mind blowing product for me. First of all, it’s a little messy – You need to work it up into a lather in the palm of your hand, but there seems to be a knack and when I’m in a hurry, it’s not the easiest of things to do without leaving slight lumps, which I find drag on the skin just a tad. It also has a short shelf life of three months, which is both good and bad. Good because it means it really is full of natural ingredients, but bad because I never use anything up that quickly. I’m on the case with this one though, so as not to waste the £6.75 for the 100g tub. I’d definitely like to see this come in a few pounds cheaper, but what can you do?!

I find Angels On Bare Skin is best used in the morning as you wouldn’t really use this to effectively remove make-up. It does however, leave your skin feeling soft and doesn’t dry it out if you use it daily… Well, it hasn’t done that to my normal/dry skin as yet. It does feel quite calming on the skin, but I think there are better products out there for the price (one of which I’ll be reviewing very soon, #tease).

Whilst writing this post I had a brainwave and realised that I could be using this on the tops of my arms, which often get a little bumpy in the winter months. The lavender, rose and chamomile scent isn’t too offensive, and I think I’d much rather give it a go in the shower rather than have to clean up all the wasted product in the sink every morning! I’ll let you know how I get on.

Overall, it’s a nice enough product, which is pretty messy to apply and comes in at a price which is little more than I think it’s worth. some folk might love it, but I don’t think it’s for me and I probably won’t purchase another… Next please.

Lush angels on Bare Skin

Lush Review

See all the ingredients here on Lush


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